The Secondary Mission

Troubleshooting a CanSat

Examples of CanSat secondary missions and sensores are

  • Implement an airbag-system for safe landing
  • accelerometer
  • data logging on onboard MicroSD card
  • GPS
  • Advancet telemetry (two-way communication)
  • Magnetometer for orientation measurements
  • Gass-sensors (CO2 or other gases)
  • Photo- or video camera (or 2 for 3D pictures)

A 9-DOF Gy-91  multi sensor package and a on-board datalogger (openlogger) are already a part of the basic version 6.2 CanSat kit.

As an example of a gps module suitable for CanSat and Arduino-programming, we use the GY-GPS6MV2-module (U-blox NEO-6M-0-001) which is treated on another page in this CanSat book.