The version 3 CanSat Kit – Components list and pin-out diagram

The CanSat Kit details

Sensor Shield (v3) With components placed on an Arduino Uno

The sensor shield card has been developed at the University of Aalborg by Professor Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen and Simon Jensen. The shield has been designed to include:

  • Communication radio (APC220) with antenna
  • Pressure sensor (MPX4115A)
  • Temperature sensor (LM35DZ)
  • Temperature sensor (NTC 10k)
  • Three axis accelerometer ±3/9g (MMA7341LC)
  • SD storage card (OpenLog)
CanSat v3 pin-out diagram

A parts list is shown in the figure to the left. Click to get a larger version.

The sensor shield is designed to fit on top of the Arduino Uno R3 Board. The pin out diagram is shown on the figure to the right. Click to get a larger version.

CanSat version 3 Components list

As seen in the figure the analogue outputs from the Arduino Uno are used for the following sensors:

A0: Temperature (NTC 10k)

A1: Pressure

A2: Acceleration x-direction

A3: Acceleration y-direction

A4: Acceleration z-direction

A5: Temperatur (LM35DZ)