Temperature Sensor A (LM35DZ)


The LM35DZ temperature sensor is made for linear measurement in degrees Celsius temperature (or Kelvin).

The sensor is made for measuring temperatures between 0°C and 100°C.

The output voltage is 250mV at 25°C and the sensor has a sensitivity of 10mV/°C.

You can use this information together with the information in the LM35 datasheet, to make a transfer function of the sensor. You may also plot this on your computer or calculator.

The generel equation  for the sensor output as a function of the temperature is:

Sensor output [V] = Sensitivity [V/°C] * Temperature [°C] + Output at 0°C (Offset)

Which for the sensitivity listed above and the temperature t in ^\circ C  is:

Sensor output [V] = 0.010 V/^\circ C \cdot (t - 25^\circ C) + 0.250V = 0.010 V/^\circ C \cdot t